Lemon curd breakfast muffins

These lemon muffins are handy to have in, to pop in my littlest badger’s piehole at 6am, when she springs into action and I am still far from being functional. They’re also a good breaktime snack and madly easy to make.
Give them a whirl!

Chocolate energy bites

I’m always on the lookout for a healthy snack for my ever-hungry children.
These chocolate-y snacks, full of fibre, protein and good fats have proved pretty popular. At least one of them would still prefer a bag of Haribo, but it’s a work in progress…

10 minute tea – super speedy chicken noodles.

As fun as it is spending hours making a dinner that draws nothing but complaint, sometimes I prefer to make something that takes 10 minutes and everyone enjoys. These chicken noodles are always close to the top of that list.

Souped Up: soup recipes for a healthy lunch.

After an Easter heavy on Mini Eggs, I am trying to eat more healthily. As is often the case when I embark upon one of these fads, soup is featuring heavily and here I share some of my favourite, easiest recipes.

Lunchbox friction. And dairy-free banana chocolate biscuits.

About to tackle the second week back at school and the Easter holidays seem like a distant memory, entangled as we are, once more, with Biff and Chip and PE kits and morning rush hours and after-school clubs and snack boxes. Packed lunches are a somewhat contentious issue in our house. The junior takes one…

Fat Rascals. (A treat, not an insult.)

Five days into the school holiday – of which four were the long weekend, where double parental supervision was applied – and we have worked through pretty much everything in the programme of activities I suggested, and now we’re lapping ourselves. It seems hopeful that the dismal drizzle and frosty temperatures may improve as the…

Longest. Day. Ever. And dairy-free chocolate banana muffins.

Today has been exceptionally long. The children – now tucked up in bed, like sleeping cherubs – have been extremely trying for much of the day, especially the smaller one who has had at least 15 episodes of hysteria and temper. The cat, meanwhile, to put it delicately, has suffered some gastrointestinal distress and the…

Freezer tea on a freezing day: (speedy fish pie recipe)

Today is cold; bitterly, perishingly cold – and I can’t face a trip to the supermarket. I sometimes can’t, having endured scarring incidents in both outlets offered in our little town. In the first I was asked for ID – at 37! How lovely! – but as the lady on the checkout shuffled closer in her…