Hi there – thanks for swinging by. I’m Suzi: mother-of-two, primary teacher, dark-chocolate-digestive-lover, with a great appreciation for sunshine, nice nails, all things mid-century, mini-breaks, red lips, mojitos and good books, and a tendency towards fads, giddiness and active wear.

I’ve always loved to write and through this blog – whilst only too clearly no expert in the parenting field – I hope to share some of the tips I’ve picked up and to warn of some of the perilous ditches I have clumsily stumbled into throughout these last few years navigating life with bambini in tow.

I will be sharing thoughts for how you can keep the little people entertained to give you some peace, some days out that won’t make you wish you’d stayed at home, some recipes for meals that children seem to be able to force down and some general mumlife stuff. Whilst entirely lacking in glamour, I do love a beauty product and a new outfit and I’ll be pleased to share my legwork for the common good. I would be completely delighted to hear from anyone who has happened upon this, so please do get in touch.


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