Ten minute salmon pasta.

Despondent in the lashing rain after the loveliest French vacances, we needed a very quick tea. This salmon pasta is my go-to when I need something on the table in 10 mins, and the pantry is bare.

Not the day for yoga.

I never imagined I’d be capable of unflinchingly wrestling a live mouth from a terrier’s jaws before 6am but Peggy has shown me I am more accomplished than I had previously realised. Luna, the terrible tortoiseshell provided the victim and Peggy needed no encouragement to take this opportunity and run with it. Quite literally. Eventually…

Lemon curd breakfast muffins

These lemon muffins are handy to have in, to pop in my littlest badger’s piehole at 6am, when she springs into action and I am still far from being functional. They’re also a good breaktime snack and madly easy to make.
Give them a whirl!

Overnight oats

Overnight oats – they’re no lookers, but they’re tasty and substantial and nutritious – and prepared in advance, which is good news for those of us who are very much not morning people.

The quest for calm.

With a nocturnal 7 year old and a naughty cat, the quest for calm is very real.

Pretty healthy cookie bake.

Super-speedy-pretty-healthy-actually-really-delicious cookie bake; ideal for a bit of weekend confecting.

Podcast investigation

Some great podcasts to take your mind off whatever it wants to be distracted from.

My best tips for new mums.

I’ve been a mum for ten years now and demonstrate regularly that I have much left to learn. Here are a few things I picked up during the baby years, that I hope may be of use to someone earlier in the journey.

Super speedy, Aldi-tastic, tuna.

I do most of my shopping in Aldi now, and bought every ingredient for this very easy, very quick, healthy dinner there. After a busy day of scooting and giddiness it was just what was needed.

Chocolate energy bites

I’m always on the lookout for a healthy snack for my ever-hungry children.
These chocolate-y snacks, full of fibre, protein and good fats have proved pretty popular. At least one of them would still prefer a bag of Haribo, but it’s a work in progress…