The glorious tale of a £3.30 mascara.

Life is hectic, and a number of my friends have reminded me that most people hate cooking, so I have decided to make a few changes with my blog posts, keeping them succinct (tricky) and focussing on sharing some of the things I have discovered that I love – for women, mums, kids, families, humans… possibly other species, let’s see.

There is little that brings me greater joy than a beauty bargain, so to start off my trimmed down posts, this is a new entry to my makeup bag that will forever have a loving home.

My quest to find the perfect mascara is over 25 years long, by this point. The road has been littered with empty promises and false hope, as well as many satisfactory, sometimes pleasing options. I wrote about a L’Oreal version that was my best yet in a previous post, but I think this new discovery is even better – and at a princely £3.30, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Essence ‘Lash Princess’ (the name its only drawback as far as I can see) goes on beautifully, stays on all day and the ‘volume’ formulation that I have gives delightfully voluminous results. I have bought YSL, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel and MANY others over the years, and I genuinely believe this is as good as any of them.

I got mine in Wilko – a shop I enjoy so much more than I should, I always think – are there were a number of different formulations available. If you can’t get to a Wilko, then it is available online, including on Amazon – though they charge a scandalous £6.50. (It’s absolutely worth that, but would be galling to pay twice the price, I imagine).

I will be buying this as long as it’s available – I totally recommend you chuck a couple in your basket the next time you’re passing.

Tomorrow: a podcast to make the commute/the housework/the gym/life bearable.

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